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 To some b2b members

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## I AM B2B ! ##
## I AM B2B ! ##

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PostSubject: Re: To some b2b members   Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:43 am

Issle wrote:
King wrote:
I came here just to waste my time since i wait a friend to go to a party. Yeap its no use posting the truth. I got proofs that u used a bug but still u denay it . And then u acuse gm. Well cya have fun.Atleast i dont lie for a game

There it goes another one of those guys. Let me tell you some things about that hacking/cheating you talk buddy.

Some guys in this clan , are not just normal players.

Some people here have deep programming/networking knowledge and know how things work behind a game.

Some people here , have probably read more lines of java code , than you have ever met friends in your miserable life.

Some people in here probably have more ways to hack your computer/server/penis than you have masturbations in your whole life.

Some people in here , are just meant to be better than you. Sounds unfair eh ? Well thats reality. Life is not fair buddy. And guess what can an uneducated, pantpooping, pathetic weakling like you do ? NOTHING.

Quote :

My name is john , and in L2 im known as Issle. Im a computer and electronics engineer in AUTH univercity and i can probably hack your computer/server/penis more times than you can masturbate in a day. And there is nothing you can do about it... So instead of coming here and talking all this bullshit, start thinking : Why can some people be that smarter than me and do those things ?

And incase you copy/paste that in another forum , ill probalby edit the post and claim that you edited my words. That simple. You got nothing , i got everything. Thats the difference between us two. And probably some huge gap of wisdom...

Have a nice day, our precious forum trolls ...

Owned lol Very Happy
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## I AM B2B ! ##
## I AM B2B ! ##

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PostSubject: Re: To some b2b members   Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:47 am

I guess , there is nothing more to add lol .

closed? ~ .
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To some b2b members
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