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PostSubject: WTJ B2B :P   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:58 am

-how old are you? - 21
-where are you from? - Germany
-since when do you play lineage 2? - 01.05.2007
-since when are you playing on L2 InC? Yesterday
-whats your favorite class? TH/SR
-previous clan(s): no clans till yet
-why do you wanna join B2B? I saw u guyz everywhere just pvping and pretty good... i am also a little pvp yankee ! PvP is like ma Drugs
-what is/r the name(s) of your ingame / forum char(s)? KillaMachin is my main TH .... Cyrka is my buff pet
-what TimeZone / onlinetimes do you have? i am always dayli online like 14:00 GMT + 1 usually after work i am like 6h - 8h online per day sometimes more
-other information (what else should we know about you?):I played Long time on Retail server from NCsoft Franz i played there a Nobless 79 glady . subclass 77 BD and was 3 month hero ... i quited offi server cuz of bot with each day more ppl start bot and it wasnt more same pvp like before after that i played little bit WoW but with new update is WoW focked up now ... so i moved my ass back too L2 and now i am here Wink...

i wish u allot of pvp frags ... see you all ingame and home in clan soon =)

.. KillaMachin

P.S Have teamspeak and working mic Razz
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