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 about what u call bug using

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PostSubject: Re: about what u call bug using   Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:10 pm

Makenshi wrote:
More seriously, about AQ, I was telling the guys not to flag cause you came peacefully, but someone did... you fought back.. we died np it happens. It's not like we are winning every fight anyway Wink and its not like you should feel like posting a sticker on your Calendar just cause you droped us.

And about the siege, take our places for a moment, what if our chosen engraver of that time would have been untargetable, you would have probably did the same, ask around why the hell you can't target the said person. Which is what we did, in a way, although some might accused you of bugusing you must agree it is kinda fishy seeing a clan leader running solo into the artifact room and then goes engraving without noticing that no one of that pro clan (your words kinda) thought of targeting it/he/her before he even gets there? If you would have thought about it maybe you would have realized without a GM standing beside you, although I never saw a GM and I was beside you the whole time.

You claim that you then droped the engraving because you thought "hey its not fair lets drop that". If this is true (cause really, we can't be sure, we have to trust what you are saying) then I'm giving you a big +

Although from what I remember, you didnt cancelled, you just dropped offline, so maybe you could clarify this also.

And after all that, you said you came here to explain yourself, well I really wonder why we should listen to someone that doesn't want to listen to others when they also try to explain themselves. And I really doubt that your overall character image would have changed among the members of this clan with/without this post. That is, if you tried to make a better image of yourself with that post.

Although this message might sound harsh I'm saying this in real respect but truthfull way.

With this I wish you a good holiday season and byebye.

AMEN to that. Couldn't have been said better~!
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PiMP FaTHeR oF PosTs
PiMP FaTHeR oF PosTs

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PostSubject: Re: about what u call bug using   Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:38 am

Sonnic wrote:
At least we get some entertainment for the public section Laughing

+1 for that,

btw, <3 makenshi´s big pot, but its boring to read evrything Very Happy
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B2B ~ *In Flames*
B2B ~ *In Flames*

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PostSubject: Re: about what u call bug using   Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:15 am

Fpr one more time, Makenshi u are the man Laughing

Zakalia dude thank u for the fun this last days in forum, like Sonnic said, but
its enought and am getting tired of u.
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PostSubject: Re: about what u call bug using   

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about what u call bug using
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