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 Muse's application thread

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PostSubject: Muse's application thread   Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:39 am

-how old are you?

- 19, but I like to say 21.

-where are you from?

- BRAZIL! No, Portugal.

-since when are you playing on L2Ownage?

- Can't really remember, but I'd say since August. I kinda quit after the last siege crashes cause I got mad (had 35/36 activity in the clan window...) but I'm giving it another chance now.

-whats your favorite class?

- ATM, Hawkeye, that's why you all know MuseBreaks as the common emo-styled haircut human fighter, but I'm rerolling to OL as my younger brother is my "idol" concerning this class and I'm really up to play this class.

-previous clan(s): (If you've been in any other clan(s) before applying for B2B)

- Yes, my own lol. BeyondControl and Alcoholix, since the Alcoholix that most of you know was a fusion between Alcoholix and BeyondControl, that gave Alcoholix fresh wave of good teamplay and activity. Ofc I'm not mentioning my clans on other servers, cause I've always been leader of BC since it was created under this name.

-why do you wanna join B2B?

- Wow... It's tough to name all the reasons why I'm willing to join... But as I previously talked with trex, sizmael, sonnic and siegez on our msn group convo, I'm totally up to a new challenge. And as I've experienced most that l2 has to offer me, I'm now dedicating myself to serving goals not defined by me, but by my new leaders (since I've been leading for 2 years till now), and giving everything I can give and proving my worth towards common clan goals. And with B2B current leaders, I'm sure that I'll be successfull and that I'll totally enjoy it.

-what is/r the name(s) of your ingame char(s)?

- MuseBreaks (Hawkeye)
- Th3Sorrow (Overlord, not really my char but I'ma play with it)

-what TimeZone / onlinetimes do you have?

- GMT +0, Greenwich Mediterranean Time. 2 ~ 4 hours during weekdays, 4~6 during weekends.

-other information (what else should we know about you?):

- I can't really show anything else just by writing here. I'm more into brainstorming and designing plans since I'm used to leading issues, I'm also skilled in 1vs1, but way more efective on group vs group. My valor is known already by the crew that follows me everywhere I go, otherwise I wouldn't have had such a large clan following me previously.

P.S.: TS is gay, Vent > TS. Besides I got my own 25slot vent :/

Ay that's it,

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PostSubject: Re: Muse's application thread   Tue Oct 14, 2008 12:02 pm

pro app.

trial granted for the first days so you get to know evryone
but I know u gonna pass it easily Wink

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Muse's application thread
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