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 L2 Sunset 75x Mid Rate Server Opening 01 May 2015

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L2 Sunset 75x Mid Rate Server Opening 01 May 2015 Empty
PostSubject: L2 Sunset 75x Mid Rate Server Opening 01 May 2015   L2 Sunset 75x Mid Rate Server Opening 01 May 2015 Icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2015 6:56 am

Hello guyz! I would like to introduce you our new server.

I believe you always wanted to return to good and original old times of Lineage 2, But now things have become ridiculous like ships that can fly... so we could revive anything that has been lost back in the past behind.
You won't experience any lag/delay.
You'll find everything balanced.
There are no corruptions in our server.

L2 Sunset 75x Mid Rate Server Opening 01 May 2015 KIzi70x

GRAND OPENING 01.05.2014 TIME: 20.00 GMT +3

Server: Interlude C6
Type : Mid Rate PvP Server
Global and Auto Events
Balanced Classes
Professional Server
DDos Protection, No Lag

- XP: 75x
- SP: 150x
- Spoil: 5x
- ADENA: 55x

-100% Retail.
-Skill modifications made for game play improvement

-Weekly olympiad - 4 hours per day (20:00 GMT+3 )
-Minimum of 5 players required
-Limited to A-Grade
-Titanium Armor / Raid Boss Jewels / Custom Weapons / Cloaks are not allowed.
-Non-class based to prevent class-based botting.

Subclasse & Noblesse:
-Free Subclass.
-Retail noblesse quest.

Clans and Castles:
-Full interlude clan system enabled up to level 8 with all sub units and clan skills
-Alliances limited to 3 clans per alliance
-No clan kick/leave penalties, players can leave and join clans without having to wait x amount of time.
-Castle sieges are every weekend. Server will start with two sieges and open more castles as the population grows.

Custom Zones:
-Elven Fortress(Adena,Mantra,Sunset Coin)Boss (Death Lord Shax)
-Elven Ruins (Adena,Mantra,Sunset Coin)
-Primevil Isle(Party Area)
-Raid Boss Zones Are PvP Areas. ( When you hit bosses your nick becomes purple. )

Custom Features:
-Offline Shops
-No party XP level limit
-Auto pick-up off/ on (.menu)
-NPC Buffers in giran do not have the same buffs as AIOs ( Scheme Buffer. )
-Buffs from AIOs and NPCs last 1 hours Normal player buffs are retail.
-NPCs in giran for all your item/consumable/weapon/armor needs.
-Increased weight limit on all characters
-No death penalty command to enable or disable experience gaining.
-Trade radius to prevent players from creating shops on other players or npcs.
-Augmentation system enabled.
-Herb system DISABLED.

-Retail rates
-Weapon safe enchant +3, max enchant +18
-Armor/Jewel safe enchant +3 (+4 on onepiece), max enchant +8
-Armor/Jewel scroll safe +3

-Boss Jewels drop from bosses and are NOT donatable
-Blessed enchants drop from bosses and are donatable

Elven Fortress

Spoil Zone Hints:
- Adena
- Water Mantra
- Wind Mantra
- Fire Mantra
- Sunset Coin

Elven Ruins

Drop Zone Hints:
- Adena
- Water Mantra
- Wind Mantra
- Fire Mantra
- Sunset Coin

Special Features :
-Unique start up System
- New commands that you can use in-game.
- Custom Farm Zones
- Custom Droplist On Raidbosses
- Main town: Giran.
- Special Coins

Other & Custom Systems :
# Wedding, Fishing Systems
# 100% Castle Sieges
# Balanced Class
# Buff time: 1 Hour
# All skills working
# Starting lvl 20 ( in Giran Main Town )
# New character Start with the D TOP GRADE items.
# Custom NPC in Clan Halls!

Enchant Rates :
Safe: +3
Max Armor: +8
Max Weapon: +18
Normal Enchant: 55% Chance
Blessed Enchant: 60% Chance

High Grade Lifestone
5% Chance
Top Grade Lifestone
10% Chance
Max Augments per char 2 ( 1 active + 1 passive ) <-From lifestones

Auto Events:
Team vs Team
Last Man Standing
Capture the Flag
Simon Says
Bomb Fight
Korean PvP
Soon More 31 Events.....

Custom NPC:
Armor Shop
Weapon Shop
Misc Shop
Jewelery Shop
Scheme Buffer
Wedding Manager
Global Gatekeeper
Special Gatekeeper ( For Special Zones )
Augmenter NPC
Soon More....

Custom Command System :
.menu - you can set from there trade/ chat/ exp gaining.
.pincode - add your pincode and security your account!
.info- you can see the raidboss status in real time also can observe them live!,


L2 Sunset 75x Mid Rate Server Opening 01 May 2015 4tcy4EM
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L2 Sunset 75x Mid Rate Server Opening 01 May 2015
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