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 Truth about L2eXtreme.

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PostSubject: Truth about L2eXtreme.   Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:22 am

Okina wrote:

The Official statement concerning L2x and its corruption.

Corruption is a very powerful word on private servers, even if it's just slightly mentioned somewhere in any text people go nuts and start assuming things without any real reasoning nor using actual facts in their statements.
What most people don't understand is that they shouldn't go berserk when they hear this word, they should ask around and try to find out The Truth before spreading any rumors. Not start shouting "omg omg omg CORRUPTED!!1" like a ignorant fool.
Of course some people just want some specific individuals or clans to look bad, so they take that opportunity to satisfy their ego just a bit. The worst thing is that they don't understand by spreading those rumors they hurt the Server more than the actual clan/person they're trying to make look bad. You, yourself can think why these people start spreading rumors which haven't been 100% confirmed true. Jealousy? Butthurt? I've been a part of this game for a very long time and there are patterns in people's behaviour which resemble each other; they are mostly spreading these rumors ONLY, and I repeat ONLY, to cover up their own failures. This is how they think: "Their clan sucks!!! they look bad this way and.. that turns me into a good player! woho! =)".

and here is the story of L2x.

It is a very common tactic nowadays for owners/admins of servers to offer clans a few things to join their server. It is of course done without telling the population or it would only cause people to leave the server. L2x is no exception, both Rey and Dizzan have offered stuff to clans to "test their server", they may have gone too far with some clans but it was still very effective to make the server better and none of you should be mad at them for using this common tactic.

Due to all rumors about Revelation, you all probably think that we received more help than anyone else. This is wrong. Even Evo, who "only" received free levels/sub/noblesse+some adena and a level 8 clan with All clan skills, just these things makes evo more corrupted than Revelation.
Now, in Revelation's case. We had just started leveling/farming on another server, so we missed the first weeks of L2x. I was contacted and offered my name (Okina) and free leveled noblesses to test their server, we thought "wth.. we might as well just test L2x then, afterall it could be better than this server". I'm sure other clans thought the same; which turned into a great population for quite some time.
The extent of my corruption: free levels and noblesse status to some of my members.
Those AMs some of you reacted on were all donated by the people in Revelation who were going to make "revelation's mage group" and the titanium sets were all botted for (just like any other clan did) and we got 10 lifestones from donations and 4-5 hats as something extra(omg corruption!). Trust me, the staff scanned our char's inventories and warehouses several times because of these rumors. Rey even asked me personally to log on my char one time only so he could check it again. Quote: "Okay. He is clean."
Think about it.. don't you think Rey or any high GM would react if Revelation ran around with illegal epics and OP shit? Why did sisenors get banned and not us? Because they actually HAD received items from corruption, when the rumors about revelation was simply just a delusion most people decided to believe in (and I've already said why they wanted to believe it..).
And concerning that rune siege when a member ported to me. They already confirmed that the "go to clan leader" skill was bugged and you could use it at sieges and port into baium/antharas etc, john even announced that he had fixed it after that. Evo can confirm this as well since they used it at least once.

PussyPalace - Very corrupted. You've all heard the shit about Trainwreck. Lots of their members ran around with illegal epics and high enchanted weapons/armors and even with boosted stats sometimes.
SiSenors - Free levels and some noblesse, and when Elisha joined the clan, and I quote their leader: "+10 bows and a bunch of epic jewelry suddenly appeared in clan warehouse today =)"
DreamsNeverDie - Two full epic sets on Silverhawk (rey's alt char if you didn't know already) and Silvery, and two illegal rings on Evillangel(aka the GM Bubble). and I know more clans than just ours saw something "weird" about silverhawk.. especially at that aden siege. Our entire clan attacked him and he didn't go down for quite some time(I believe we have fraps of it somewhere). Rey(silverhawk) had either 99+ CON or forgot to turn immortality off. There were also some questionable individuals in their clans who all of a sudden had very high enchanted weapons, shit between 10 and 16, but it's not confirmed as a corruption issue.
REBORN - They either had a secret B1 char or received help from someone in the staff(it's a shame that both dizzan and rey gave b1 to the staff members they recruited), some epics were found and some of them had -really high- enchanted weapons. I also received a screenshot of one of their members with boosted stats.
Revelation - less than 15% of our members received free levels and possible subs. Around 5 got free noblesse. One questionable +9 bow, but we were winning weapons between +6-9 quite regularly at events, so I didn't bother looking into it.
Evo - Almost equal to Revelation's stuff, possibly some more free levels, they also got free level 8+all clan skills. Ofc there are also other rumors about them, but I'm only relying on pure facts here.
I know we and evo did wrong by accepting these things(we're both partly bored of L2 I guess) but you can clearly see that at least Evo or Revelation didn't make the server unbalanced with any OP illegal items. Period.

He also made rdogs corrupted for 1-2 days (rdogs is not to blame). He spawned that illegal baium on toi which they killed and they had the ring for a few days until it was removed and he and his friend joined their clan for like a day. Unfortunately for John, Voo/Yoshiku(rdogs' leader) is a competent and "reasonable" leader like I or zangetsu and he kicked them out when he found out about the items they had. Voo even tried to enforce having those chars banned/deleted. Rdogs also found out about John's hidden AIO buffer.
btw dude, just so you know: the "hero system" you made was laughable. You only changed the description on the hero weapons and actually thought that it would work? All of them had their original SAs (not very nice devving from your part man). And one more thing, the dusk shield was bugged, it said that +3 dusk shield had more p.def than a +6 imperial shield, guess which one was superior to the other. You had/have a test server to test the stuff you made, Use it.
btw#2, try not to use //healthy (GM heal for full hp/mp) on people during pvp events again, people would be furious if they found out, just like you were because revelation's team still dropped the target you were healing and won the event.
Good luck with l2p John. You'll need it.

Was a part of our clan even before he opened the server with botgod. Icss = Dizzan's alt char. By hearing this, many of you will probably react in a bad way and blame it all on Revelation, but you should know that before "Dizzan" made it official that l2x would open I made it clear to him that we didn't want any illegal items in our clan and if I ever saw his char with any of them I'd kick him out immediately. Any of you who has fought with or against icss knows that he was not running around with epics or boosted stats and nothing "weird" was going on with him unlike what Rey did on his alt.
All of you who think server admins shouldn't be playing on alts at all, I agree with you. But AT LEAST dizzan's alt was just an average bishop who just wanted to enjoy the game once in a while and he didn't use GM powers to benefit himself.
Dizzan was also my link to the Truth and I admit using him to spy on other staff members and that's how I knew all this shit. Try to see the fact that I admit having Dizzan's alt in Revelation as a sign of being honest to you about all this.
There are reasonable people in this world. There's no need to go nuts only by the fact that a server admin played the game, after all it all depends on if he used his admin status on his char or not.
and yes, I know he spawned 3 +15 bows at the end, but the server was going to crash and burn anyway, just like rey dropped +50 weapons in giran.

I'm not even gonna bother saying everything about this guy. You shit your pants and took down the server for almost a week when we found out about your alt and your friends and your connection to dnd and several clans witnessed you on your alt with boosted stats later on. Go into more denial now and try telling us more bs please. You killed this L2x.
Enough said.

My Event Token.
I think the ENTIRE server can confirm that I won it square and fair, and that they had announced twice that the event prize would be a token.
After the final match: Rey and Bubble spawned at coli and with Dizzan and John they talked in private for 30min.. I was certain that they were trying to think of something to change the prize, only because Revelation won ofc. Even before the final against vG, dizzan joined our group and asked me if we could lose on purpose to make vG happier about the server and to calm the staff down. I told him that I was planning on winning but I still didn't want the pvp on the server to become unbalanced because revelation would have a hero and informed him that I wouldn't become hero until other clans got their token(s) as well.
After their 30min private discussion, dizzan said in local chat: "you promised not to use it until other clans got their tokens, right?" That confirmed that they were talking about changing the prize to me.. I just told them "ban me if I don't stick to my word" and thanks to that I received my token. So if you think that the staff loved Revelation, think twice. We won that 9v9 fair and you all know it and I still had to take extra measures to get the announced and worthy prize I deserved and who's to blame for that? The staff, who's now spreading more rumors about Revelation and Dizzan. Who you blindly believe in. Open your eyes.
This staff didn't even want to give me my prize.. don't you think they would react a bit harder if they found illegal/corrupted/OP weapons/armours/jewelry in Revelation? and as I mentioned before, they scanned our members more than once+they didn't like us. They had taken measures if Revelation really had something weird, but that wasn't the case so instead they decided to spread rumors about us, I mean why wouldn't they? Revelation had so much success and Rey's clan didn't..

There are several clan leaders from l2x and a bunch of players (even our enemies) who can also confirm parts of everything I just told you.

Of course they(John, Rey(Silverhawk in dnd), Bubble(evillangel in dnd+PiT the forum mod) will try to counter this by coming up with more rumors about me or Revelation. People tend to do that when they're trying to defend themselves. Most of you saw that video when some people tried to spread that Revelation had received items from Dizzan. That fake video was first sent to several clan leaders on L2x and I was of course contacted by a few people very soon after that. This what I heard from most people when I asked them why they thought that revelation was corrupted (before it was found out to be fake): "don't tell me bullshit, I know that revelation got a bunch of valakas necklaces and other epics, and I have enough proof". That fake video had over 10+ flaws to make it possible to see that it wasn't made on L2x and yet some people still believed in it until John announced on the frontpage that it was fake, along with screenshots from a GM on that server. See how easily deceived you can be? Even the creators of that video admitted that they only created it to bust Revelation, a great reflection of all the rumors people created about us. Yes, indeed..
So.. bear in mind, you/Communities are easily deceived by their staff or with other "fake proof".
They might even go as far as creating another video or make up more bs with logs or screenshots (photoshop is amazing..). Try not to let Rey or anyone else feed you with any more bullshit; they are only trying to hide their own flaws.

Who is to blame for the downfall of this L2x? Pick your choice. If you ask me I'd blame it all on the staff who instead of focusing on making the server better just ignored us all and continued playing on their corrupted alts. Unorganized staff = server boom!

All this drama between clans and the staff was rather enjoyable. Something new and exciting. I hope I will get to hear more rumors about us now after this post though. I loved every single one of them. Especially that one at the very end before it closed.. when staff members from Rey's side pretended to be a part of Revelation only because they needed a "bad guy" to wipe and create L2paranoid.
All those //kick Okina during sieges was a personal favourite as well, good times =)

Feel free to PM me on this forum for further questions. Clan leaders from L2x who wish to add something in this text or just talk are welcome to have a chat with me on msn.

Sayonara fake-L2x.

Okina - "The bad guy of L2x".


Okina provided us in the leader section with screens and proves of reys corruption almost daily.
But we didn't want to destroy the server, so we couldn't make everything public.. We confronted rey a lot of times to make him change things.
As it seems you can't change some persons. That's why L2x died.

//spread it out to every L2x player you know.

" I spent a lot of money on booze, girls and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."
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Truth about L2eXtreme.
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